Steps to Follow to Obtain the Salesforce Administrator Certification

Salesforce platform is becoming very popular these days. More and more individuals want to expand their skills in managing Salesforce services and features and are constantly looking for certifications to help them demonstrate that they are experts in the sphere. And this desire is absolutely predictable.

For example, the Salesforce Administrator credential helps one validate their skills and gain more insights on the subject matter. Therefore, earning it is an excellent opportunity to leverage your skills and advance in your career. But, before reaching this point, you should also know which are the steps to follow to obtain this accreditation. Are you ready to find more?

Important Details of the Badge

Becoming a Salesforce Administrator is the first stage in this certification program. Once you’ve passed ADM-201 test and have obtained your credential, the next phase would be to take the Salesforce Advanced Administrator exam, Certbolt ADM-211. Thus, you will hone your skills and will be highly competitive when it comes to managing Salesforce.

Coming back to ADM-201, you should know that it’s quite tough. It requires candidates to solve 60 items of diverse types in 105 minutes. The questions are provided in multiple-select and multiple-choice formats. Another essential element to know is that the minimum passing percentage is 65%.

Skills Tested in ADM-201 Exam

ADM-201 is challenging as it tests your knowledge on many Salesforce functions and services. Also, as the allotted time is very tight, you need to be very well-prepared and extremely fast when tackling the tasks. You won’t have too much time to think. Thus, before you take the real assessment, study hard to develop the following skills:

  • Providing organizational and user set up
  • Ensuring a higher level of security and proper access
  • Working with custom and standard attributes to create marketing and sales applications as well as support and service-related ones
  • Understanding the basics of activity management and developing efficient methods of collaboration
  • Managing different sets of data and using them to generate reports
  • Knowing how to administrate the platform’s mobile version, how to provide process and workflow automation, and how AppExchange works

Also, remember that this certification expires after 3 years. But, you shouldn’t see this as a drawback. On the contrary, refer to this fact as an opportunity that the vendor offers to help you stay updated with the platform’s latest features. Plus, the renewal process will be always a piece of cake as you know already what to expect.

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Adding the Salesforce Administrator certification to your resume helps you demonstrate to any stakeholder that you are a reliable professional and you can manage Salesforce features to perfection. Even though it might seem easy to pass only one exam which is ADM-201, many candidates fail from the first attempt as they don’t understand how the accreditation process is structured. Therefore, our recommendation is to pay close attention to the test’s blueprint, figure out which are the topics you have to master, and what exactly you need to know to get the passing score. Take these steps, and be ready for career success!